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“AccessEdge”© gives Accessible Home Health Care© the confidence to guarantee the quality of care we provide everyday to all of our patients. “AccessEdge”© embodies all that gives Accessible Home Health Care© the edge in home health care in providing the compassionate care from the heart to all of our patients. “AccessEdge”© empowers Accessible Home Health Care© to provide the best care our patients deserve.

Our “AccessEdge”© is comprised of, but not limited to:

Caregivers recruiting, testing, and screening procedures, our requirements exceed state regulatory requirements to be a home health caregiver. All our caregivers are experienced, certified, tested, and investigated.

Our Quality Assurance Program exceeds payee requirements and is coordinated by our key management personnel. Our Quality Assurance Program is interactive and includes frequent communication between us, our patients’ medical team, and loved ones.

“AccessSyst”© personnel and patient chart management system is proprietary software and designed to give instant access to accurate caregiver and patient information.

“AccessScan”© communication software provides efficient, secure, and instant ability for our staff to transmit information.

All of our policies, procedures, and systems are 100% HIPPA compliant and have a high level of security to protect personal information of our clients.