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Source of Payment

At Accessible Home Health Care© we have relationships with and accept payments from multiple sources of payment. We access all available co-payers to reduce of pocket expense to our clients.

  • Insurance/Managed Care/Third Party Administrators - Accessible invoices and collects payment directly from the majority of health and long term care insurance, managed care, and third party administrator companies for home health care services allowing our patients to receive our compassionate care with out the duress of dealing directly with benefit providers. Furthermore, we have the policies, procedures, protocols and systems to maximize your access to these benefits.
  • Short Term and Long Term Disability - Accessible Home Health Care© provides our home health care services to individuals experiencing short term or long term disability caused by injury or sickness related to work or caused by an auto accident or any other type of accident. We work with insurers, state programs, claim managers, case managers and physicians to provide care that promotes easing of symptoms and return to productive lives and work in cases of short term disability.
  • Private Pay - We work with the individuals and families who pay privately for home health care services. We attempt to work with budgetary resources and customize our level of care to meet their needs.
  • Medicaid - All of our locations participate directly or through partner agencies in Medicaid programs, of which there are many skilled and assistance care. Some of these programs are dedicated to care for special needs individuals including children, disabled adults and people with restricted incomes. We will consult with local referral sources for the eligibility and availability of these programs in your area.