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Health Care Specialties

At Accessible Home Health Care©, all of the home care we provide is important to our patients and us. Our patients needs vary. Many require our caregivers to have special training and certifications. Outlined below are some of these specialty services:

  • Alzheimer’s & Dementia are the most increasingly diagnosed diseases today. Alzheimer’s & dementia require certified caregivers and specially trained care providers to properly care for these patients. A majority of the 5 million currently diagnosed patients live at home and a loved one is their primary care provider. As the disease progresses through the eight stages, it becomes progressively more difficult for loved ones to continue to care for the patient due to the strain on the loved ones. We keep loved ones, not residing with the patient, informed on the patient’s condition either by telephone and/or email, depending on the patient’s condition.
  • Cardiac care patients require specialty care during the convalescence period and on a continuing basis thereafter. We are in consultation with the physician and therapist to customize a Plan of Care for each stage of recovery. Our Plan of Care is inclusive, and coordinated by a team comprising of a patient’s primary care physician, cardiologist, RN, therapist, and case manager. When continuing care, the caregiver concentrates on educating the patient on exercising and developing healthy eating habits.
  • Post-Op surgery care requires assistance with wound care, therapy, and with daily living and hygiene activities. Our care giving team of RN’s, aides, and therapists will work with your physician and create a Plan of Care to expedite your recovery in the comfort of your home.
  • Muscular disability due to stroke related paralysis, Parkinson’s, or Multiple Sclerosis restricts one’s mobility and requires assistance with hygiene, travel, cooking, eating, and other daily living activities. Our caregivers are spcially trained and experienced in these needs and fully understand the frustration our patients feel due to their condition and are experienced in providing care under these conditions while respecting our patient’s pride and independence.
  • Wound care done in homes by the patients is preferred most of the time. The elimination of having to travel to a hospital or physician’s office reduces stress and expedites recovery. It is one of the most utilized home health care skilled services. It is very important to have a fully trained RN to care for the patients. Our wound care specialists have experience in this field and are required to stay current on continuing education requirements.
  • Neonate home care is a desired alternative in this age of technology. At Accessible Home Health Care, we work with a team of dedicated professional care providers and monitoring equipment for neonatal care and pediatric patients. The caring for babies in the home increases the mothers’ and fathers’ involvement in care for their baby. This expedites the comfort level and confidence of the parents.
  • Healthy baby care is important with a newborn, especially when a mother just needs a well-deserved break or when her new daily routine becomes overwhelming. Our trained caregivers will assist you with caring for your baby while providing a mother with the time to do her errands or just take it easy and relax.
  • Primary caregiver respite care gives the mother of the newborn child (or sick loved one) time back in her hands. While our caregiver tends to loved ones, will have the time to recharge, run errands or just do something for yourself.
  • Senior health monitoring allows us to be your eyes and ears with your loved senior family members. We will visit your loved ones in their homes or in a facility and observe their living conditions, hygiene, medicine, food and their mental/physical condition. We will submit a complete report to you within 24 hours of the visit or sooner if the situation merits immediate action.